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Plenary Talks

30-years’ R & D of earthworm: from bench to business

Earthworm resource and government administration

Earthworm and vermicompost on multiple soil ecosystem functioning

How fertile are earthworm casts? A meta-analysis

Presence of CYP450s in earthworms and construction of an in vitro microsomal incubation system for metabolism of chemicals

The effect of earthworm on soil carbon storage and nutrient turnover during ecosystem restoration

Origin, Differentiation and Diffusion of Megascolecidae in China

Earthworm ecology and taxonomy in Brazil: state of the art and the five main challenges

Session 1 Earthworms and Agriculture

Earthworms, healthful vineyards and natural wines

Earthworms mediate plant aboveground herbivory via changes in soil nutrients and plant chemical traits

Investigations on seasonal abundance of earthworm Octolasion cyaneum (Lumbricidae: Annelida) from Kumaun Himalayas and its evaluation as candidate worm for vermicomposting

Earthworms and residue management modify competition between crops (Triticum aestivum) and weeds (Cirsium arvense)

Earthworm population fluctuations under traditional shifting cultivation systems in northeast India

Earthworm impact on carbon dioxide emissions varies along nitrogen amendment gradients in an agricultural field

Large variation in readily available phosphorus in casts of eight earthworm species: a link to cast properties

Response of soil microbial enzymatic activity to earthworm species

Can annelid induced soil functions be managed by the choice of different tillage practices? - Effects of enchytraeids and earthworms on soil biotic properties and carbon dynamics

The earthworm value – The multiple values of soil biota driven ecosystem services in agriculture by exemplified by earthworms

Using eDNA metabarcoding to assess tillage system influence on earthworm communities

The effects of grass-clover ley cropping and extreme weather events on earthworm diversity, abundance and casting activity.

Contrasting effects of earthworm on plant N and P acquisition: a case study of Pontoscolex corethrurus

Effect of in situ vermiculturing in sugarcane trash decomposition

Vermicomposting of different organic materials using the epigeic earthworm Eisenia foetida

Effects of tetracycline on ammonia oxidizers during vermicomposting of dewatered sludge by Eisenia foetida

Earthworm contribution to the soil nitrogen supply in temperate agroecosystems: methodology and perspectives

Large-Scale, Process Controlled Vermicomposting of Agricultural Wastes

How do earthworms affect decomposition of residues with different quality apart from fragmentation and incorporation?

Bioconversion of Spent Mushroom Substrate through composting process to create a growing medium amendment for Horticulture use

Do earthworms feed on the plant pathogenic fungi Sclerotinia sclerotiorum?

Vermicomposting of sludge from a malt house

When citizens and scientists work together: a French collaborative science network on earthworms communities distribution Marine algae as potential food for earthworms

A new earthworm functional classification to predict their influence on soil water infiltration

Vermicomposting around the World: Highlights of the 18th Annual Vermiculture Conference

Effects of three native earthworm species on soil acidification and base cation release in a subtropical soil from China

The fate of straw carbon in soil with earthworm’s activity

Utilization of vermicomposting for the Greengood substrate treatment

Effects of the earthwormPontoscolex corethrurus(Oligochaeta) on damage of corky-root disease in Coffea arabica

Changes of chemical and biological parameters, with an emphasis on pathogens, during vermicomposting of food waste

Studies on growth and reproduction of the epigeic earthworm, Perionyx excavatusin different organic waste foods

The action of anecic and endogeic earthworm species on incorporation of wheat straw into agricultural soils

Pantropical earthworm Pontoscolex corethrurusaffects CO2 emissions through a bottom-up effect: evidence from a 3-year field manipulation experiment

Effects of earthworm on soil CO2and N2O emission under different C/N residues returning

The Substrate Stoichiometry Influence Growth and Reproduction of Eisenia fetida

Spatial dependence of soil organic carbon, abundance, biomass and diversity of earthworms in 15 temperate agroforestry systems

Feeding behavior of epi-anecic earthworm species and their impact on soil microbial communities

Response of anecic individual weight to species interactions (epi-anecic vs strict-anecic)

Effect of landscape management on earthworm communities in temperate grasslands

Effects of inter row soil cultivation in French vineyards – benefits for earthworms and economic implications

French national long-term monitoring program to assess earthworms’ response to the agricultural practices in farmlands

Contribution of Eisenia andrei earthworms in pathogen reduction during vermicomposting

Changes of soil protists in earthworm-induced hot spots: burrows and casts

The Combined Effects of Earthworms and Sphingobacterium sp. on Soil Carbon, Nitrogen, Microbial Activities and Diversities

Earthworms modify soil bacterial and fungal communities through enhancing aggregation

Intensive tillage reduces bioturbation by earthworms

The effect of earthworm on soil carbon dioxide emissions after application of different organic materials

Effects of earthworm on plant growth and resistance against herbivores depend on nitrogen input

Effect of the earthworm Pontoscolex corethruruson the growth and development of coffee

Characterization of earthworm communities in reconstituted anthropic soils of urban areas

Tillage intensity and enchytraeid diversity: comparing field trials across Europe

Effects of reduced tillage and organic fertilisation on earthworm dynamic and soil aggregate stability – A focus on biological processes in soil aggregation

Effects of vermicompost on soil biochemical characteristics, yield and quality of B. campestris

Session 2 Earthworm Ecotoxicology

The effects of selected herbicides on biomarkers and reproduction of earthworm Dendrobaena veneta (Rosa, 1886)

Carbon source utilization of microbial communities in soil and earthworm under cadmium stress

Toxicological effects of parthenium and sludge on earthworms

The homeostasis of bacterial community in earthworm (Eisenia fetida) intestinal digestion process

The integrated biomarker response index (IBR) in Metaphire californica exposed to Cd-contaminated soils from the Hunan province, south China

The past, present and future use of earthworms in regulatory soil ecotoxicology (in particular chemicals): a review

Effect of arsenite on the proteomic response of earthworm Eisenia fetida

Effect of mercury on the reproductive toxicity of Eisenia fetida

Effect of two distinct field-contaminated soils on earthworm Eisenia andrei

Remediation of arsenic contaminated soils by earthworm application, evaluated in terms of arsenic fractions and soils properties

Effect of bacterial inoculation on reproductive success of oligochaetes in mancozeb spiked substrates

Consequences of Cadmium exposure on growth and reproduction across three generations of earthworm

Can Eisenia andreiserve as a standard species to present all other earthworms in soil ecotoxicological testing?

The usage of Arduino based CO2(NDIR) sensors in research of earthworm physiology and ecotoxicology

Differential gene expression in earthworms exposed to different concentrations of Cadmium

Earthworms as Biological Indicators of the impact of Silver Nanoparticles in the Soil Environment

Effects of the energy crop Miscanthus x giganteus on soil properties and earthworm communities across a pollution gradient

Influence of neonicotinoids on selected characteristics of the earthworm Dendrobaena veneta(Rosa) in laboratory conditions

Recent advances in earthworm proteomics and its challenges

Effect of sodium selenite on the antioxidant system of Eisenia fetida

Bioremediation of hydrocarbons in pilot system by combination of three technologies: bioaugmentation, phyto- and vermiremediation: in situ

The ecological toxicity tests of three veterinary drugs

Effect of mercury on the reproductive toxicity of Eisenia fetida

Session 3 Global Environmental Change and Earthworms

The comparison of accuracy and efficiency of different spatial sampling design in earthworm research

In situ degradation dynamics of the anecic earthworm Amynthas khamibiostructures and consequences on soil water transfers.

Tree litter effects on an earthworm-soil feedback loop in European forests

Species elemental composition, growth and stoichiometry of three ecologically different earthworm species

Ecosystem responses to exotic earthworm invasion

Earthworms above the soil: their community dynamics in deadwood

Impact of European Bisons (Bison bonasus) on Earthworms Population in Broadleaf Forests of European Russia

Interactions between native Amynthas earthworms, temperature, and moisture on burrow characteristics and greenhouse gas fluxes in subtropical grassland soils

Earthworms affect biogeochemical cycling through their impact on carbon and nitrogen stabilisation by mineral interactions

Earthworms along an altitudinal gradient in the upper watershed of the Jamapa River, Pico de Orizaba

Separate and combined effects of earthworm and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on nutrient availability and plant growth in stony desertification soil

Field and laboratory studies of the earthworm Eisenia lucens (Waga, 1857)

Black Forest Giants: Preliminary field and laboratory investigations of Lumbricus badensis(Michaelsen) behaviour and ecology

Development of earthworm communities in a made soil at Hallside

Earthworms in fringe woods in valleys of streams in Kazakh uplands

Population spectra of earthworm Aporrectodea caliginosa

Earthworm communities from central Mexican fir mountain forests: native species at risk

Session 4 Earthworm Taxonomy and Phylogenetics

Phylogenomics of draft genomes from nine earthworm species

The determination of earthworm species with a software key

Reconstructing the evolutionary history of Megascolecidae earthworms in China with an updated phylogenetic tree

Exploration of earthworm species composition in Mizoram, Northeast India

Phylogeography and population diversity of Amynthas triastriatus complex (Oligochaete: Megascolecidae) in China

Updated checklist of earthworms from Hong Kong and phylogeny relationship of Megascolecidae in Pearl River Delta, China

Molecular phylogeny and biogeographic distribution of pheretimoid earthworms (Clitellata: Megascolecidae) of the Philippine archipelago

Phylogenetic analyses of Megascolecidae support a south origin for pheretimoid earthworms in Wuliang Mountains, Yunnan

Preliminar data on genetic structure of earthworm populations from different regions in Israel, in Dendrobaena venetaand Aporrectodea rosea

Spatial distribution and diversification of earthworms in Hengduan Mountains, China

DNA barcoding and survey of earthworm species utilized in vermicomposting in the North West and the Cape regions of South Africa

Exploring first identification key with genomic signature and digital library of earthworms of India

Molecular phylogeny of Kazimierzus Plisko, 2006 (Clitellata, Kazimierzidae) from the Western and Northern Cape Province inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequences

New data on the areal of the draeida tropical earthworms at their northern habitat edge

Earthworm diversity and soil chemical properties in North China

New record of drawida tropical earthworms (Moniligastridae) in floodplain soils from Heilongjiang province (China) and Khabarovsky Krai (Russia)

Distribution of earthworms in natural zones in Kazakhstan

Pseudo-cryptic diversity in Fridericia glandifera (Enchytraeidae, Oligochaeta)

Eisenia andrei fluorescent biomarker is present in some E. fetidaand inter-specific hybrids; genetic inheritance and/or transfer via symbiotic bacteria?

Cocoon production and self/cross-fertilization in Eisenia species is stimulated by the presence of closely related but not unrelated partner

Reproductive performance of hypothetical cryptic species within Eisenia fetidacomplex

Changes in bacterial community composition and diversity during ageing of earthworm casts

Bacterial communities in earthworm cocoons: sources, diversity and structure

Effects of detritivory on the taxonomic and phylogenetic bacterial composition of animal gut microbiomes: feeding on microbiomes

Session 5 Earthworm and Medicine

Characterization of earthworm a-amylases for development of dietary supplement and biomass utilization

Pattern-recognition receptors in earthworms

Eudrilus euginiae: An alternative source of bioactive compounds derived from earthworm gelatin for the use in medicine

Quality Grading Standard of mature living Pheretima aspergillum

Specific and Rapid Identification of the Pheretima aspergillum Using Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification

Session 6 Earthworm Industry Summit Forum

Application and introspection of soil amelioration by the breeding of earthworms in Jinshan, Shanghai

The development and progress of vermicomposting in the Philippines

Abnormality of the Reproduction of Compost Worms or Red Wigglers (Eisenia andrei and Eisenia fetida)

Impact of inorganic fertilizers on the growth and biomass of Eudrilus eugeniae

Potentiality of Vermibricks (Rooting media) as a Novel product Farmers’ user-friendly

The Myths and Facts about Compost Worms or Red Wigglers (Eisenia fetida and Eisenia andrei) fed with Fishy Wastes as Feedstock

Vermifiltration – Wastewater Treatment Embracing the Circular Economy


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