Important Dates
  • Early Bird Registration Deadline

    Dec 15, 2017

  • Abstract Submission Deadline

    Apr 30, 2018

  • Convention Check-In Date

    Jun 24, 2018

International Oligochaeta Taxonomy Meetings (IOTM) aims to speed up information about the progress in oligochaeta taxonomy, exchange ideas and encourage researchers to cooperate. Traditionally, the meetings concentrate mainly on Oligochaete taxonomy and phylogeny, but also discuss different aspects from other scientific fields, e.g. earthworm ecology, faunistics and phylogeography as well as new methods of their study. So far, 7 successful meetings took place. The first International Oligochaete Taxonomy Meeting (1st IOTM) was held in Madrid, Spain (2003), and 2nd IOTM in Cluj Napoca, Romania (2005), 3rd IOTM in Platres, Cyprus (2007), 4th IOTM in Diyarbakir, Turkey (2009), 5th IOTM in Beatenberg, Switzerland (2011), 6th IOTM in Palmeira de Faro, Portugal (2013), 7th IOTM in Paimpont, France (2016).


Previous sites:

                         3rd IOTM

                         4th IOTM

                         5th IOTM

                         6th IOTM

                         7th IOTM


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