Welcome to 1st International Earthworm Congress

The 1st International Earthworm Congress (IEC 1) organized by Shanghai Jiao Tong University will be held in Shanghai, June 24-29, 2018. This event incorporates the 11th International Symposium on Earthworm Ecology (ISEE 11), the 8th International Oligochaeta Taxonomy Meeting (IOTM 8) and the 1st International Earthworm Industry Forum (IEIF 1). This is the first time ISEE and IOTM have been integrated as one conference, and it is the inaugural meeting of the IEIF. Our intention is to bring together cutting edge knowledge and the best minds in all fields of science and industry involving earthworms. Through harnessing the capabilities of earthworms, human benefit will ensue. As the congress hosts, we warmly invite you to join the world's largest scientific forum on the topic of earthworms, attended by eminent world experts in earthworm ecology, as well as scientists, educators, industry practitioners and entrepreneurs. At the 1st International Earthworm Congress in Shanghai, you will hear from top presenters in a range of earthworm-related fields, exchange best practice in earthworm technologies and build international connections and partnerships.


The theme of the congress is Earthworms and Humanity. The Congress will include sessions on the following fields:

      (1) Earthworm taxonomy and systematics;

      (2) Earthworm phylogeny and evolution;

      (3) Global environmental change and earthworms;

      (4) Earthworm ecotoxicology;

      (5) Earthworms and agriculture – soil, waste and animal breeding;

      (6) Earthworms and medicine.

      We will adjust the session titles based on the content of abstracts received.


Self-nomination for a role in a session of interest to you is encouraged. If you are interested in being an organizer of one of the sessions in your area of expertise, please contact us without hesitation by email: isee11-iotm8@outlook.com. Poster and presentation offers are also welcome. Please see the further information in the "Call for abstracts".


We do hope you can join us to discuss the issues faced by humanity and participate in finding solutions, as well as to make new friends and scientific contacts from other countries.


We are looking forward to seeing you in Shanghai in June 2018 !



Organizer of the 1st International Earthworm Congress



Scientific Committees (to be updated):


        Honorary Chairman:               

                                                  BOUCHÉ, Marcel                                                                                  

                                 QIU, Jiangping                Shanghai Jiao Tong University

                                 SUN, Zhenjun                 China Agricultural University 

                                 BILEJ, Martin                   Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

                                 BROWN, George           Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA)

                                 CAPOWIEZ, Yvan           French National Institute for Agricultural Research

                                 CLUZEAU, Daniel           Université de Rennes I

                                 FU, Shenglei                    Henan University

                                 HOANG, Duyen               University of Göttingen

                                 HU, Feng                           Nanjing Agricultural Universit

                                 JAMES, Samuel               Karunya University

                                 KE, Xin                               Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences (CAS)

                                 LI, Yinsheng                      Shanghai Jiao Tong University

                                 LI, Yongtao                        South China Agricultural University 

                                 LIU, Manqiang                  Nanjing Agricultural University 

                                 SCHMELZ, Rüdiger         ECT Oekotoxikologie

                                 WU, Donghui                     Northeast Institute of Geography and AGgroecology (CAS)

                                 WU, Jihua                          Fudan University

                                 YANG, Xiaodong             XiShuangBanNa Tropical Botanical Garden (CAS)

                                 YIN, Xiuqin                        Northeast Normal University 

                                 ZHANG, Lixin                    Northwest A&F University

                                 ZHAO, Qi                           Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Important Dates
  • Early Bird Registration Deadline

    Dec 15, 2017

  • Abstract Submission Deadline

    Mar 31, 2018

  • Convention Check-In Date

    Jun 24, 2018

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